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Is Anand Khrisna in defamation?

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Is Anand Khrisna in defamation?

This week on several television news stations have a very shocking news public.

Yes the news was shocking news of the sexual abuse he committed against several members of anand ashram.
Two of his former students complained to the national commission for women over alleged abuse by mr Anand Khrisna.
Anand Ashram is a place to learn meditation, yoga, traditional medicine based on the Vedas, and the place to find peace of mind

To be honest I was shocked when I first saw the news on TV, and really - really could not believe it.
 He is the leader, and guru (teacher)
He had thought about togetherness, human rights and a high sense of nationalism.
It is unlikely that someone like him could do such despicable acts.

Some TV stations are also discussed in detail the case and invited the reporter witnessed.

Although I personally do not know directly, but I still support him. He is one of the national figure my role model.
And hopefully soon mr anand khrisna clarify these defamation I hope this problem quickly completed, and the truth will be revealed soon.

Hopefully the good comes from all directions.

 profile anand ashram in youtube

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