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The island of Bali has many unique cultures, 'ngrebeg' is one of them

Bali culture is well known everywhere, each area in Bali has a unique tradition. .

Bali culture is well known everywhere, each area in Bali i has a unique tradition. .

Likewise in the land of my birth, the village Village, Mengwi district, Badung regency,provincy Bali.

Ngrebeg Tradition is a cultural legacy from the days of glory of the kingdom MENGWI high-up areas in East Java. .

Ngrebeg conducted once every 6 months every saniscara Wuku kuningan or every Saturday to coincide in the Kuningan holiday. . .

Ngrebeg at first was a war victory celebrations MENGWI royal soldiers from the village especially Munggu reply. .

After the royal MENGWI won the war in Blambangan area, east of Java, then return the soldiers reply from the village Munggu implement with a parade around the village carrying banners and things are still 'pusaka'.

Entourage carrying a spear, but after age DUTCH replaced with spear wrote a long wooden stick for i considered dangerous, because at every intersection of the accompanist will beat each other with spears and making the crowd.

accompaniment parade begins at 1 pm with carrying banners and heritage objects from the temple palace Khayangan Wisesa ill in the southwest corner Munggu village.

the procession will stop at Pura Puseh imaginable in the traditional village center. .

After that a new show at the parade began.

Then at every intersection of the accompaniment to the crowd hitting each other with spears and make round, sometimes there are too buoyant to the top ..

The convoy will also get a spark of holy water from the priest in every temple reply entourage skipped to keep healtynest.

Convoy procession to be completed after mid-afternoon and returned to the temple pura puseh again, I try to record a little parade. .

I hope some comfort, let alone if you have a handycam would be great results.
This article is a hereditary story, please add a reply if there can add it.


Download :Tradisi ngrebeg desa munggu.3gp 950kb

So let's visit to my beloved vilage, and enjoy our beautiful culture  island in the sun , island paradise and only one in this world

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