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Traditional house BALI..Unique and high artistic

Traditional house bali .. Unique, high artistic, architectural, multifunction, one with nature and to withstand earthquakes...

angkul-angkulTraditional house bali .. Unique, high artistic, architectural, multifunction, one with nature and to withstand earthquakes.
In which other tribes in Indonesia, the interest on the island of Bali .BALI also have a traditional custom home has unique characteristics.
For where fengsui and hongsui concept of china, bali concept of traditional house according to rules set forth in writing on the palm asta kosala kosali.
And also based on the concept hindu religion tri hita karana or three elements that create a harmonious world.
    tri hita karana These include, among others.
  • 1.Pawongan which means harmony between the members humans.
  • 2.Palemahan which means maintaining harmony with nature and the environment.
  • 3.Parahyangan which means maintaining harmony with the creator god.
Not like a house outside of Bali and is complete in it whether it is the kitchen, barns, etc. bedroom, custom home bali stand-alone according to function and gardens interspersed . one with nature concept is visible here ..

In a piece of land will stand at least 4 major buildings and support buildings ..

The main building, among others. .,
  • .Paon or Kitchen located on the west .Fungsi for all cooking activities.
  • Bale daja or the main house which was situated on the north, its function to beds,
  • .Bale delod located in the south, its function is to all activities household work and also as a place to sleep.
  • .Sanggah or merajan.Located in the northeast, its function for the family temple.
And the two are supporting the building.
  • JINENG or barn, where the northwest and functions for storing agricultural products.
  • .Bale Dangin. It is in the southeast and functions to the sacred room or residence as well.
  • .aling-aling or portal.
  • .angkul-angkul or gate

Behind the house there is usually a traditional bali also tebe or small forest preserve,
usual place livestock, like pigs, ducks, chickens etc..
In tebe also built in the bathroom or make a simple toilet.
custom home building materials are usually taken in nature.Like brick, natural stone, wood, fibers, reeds, clay, etc..
Everything compiled well and bali custom house though the materials are made of stone, but still earthquake resistant. Because one with nature and surrounded by gardens, traditional bali house very cool and does not need to use air conditioning. Okay so I'm posting this first, may be useful for your reference.
1.merajan / family temple
2.bale dangin / east house
3.bale delod / south houe

4.bale daja / north house
5.bale dauh /west house
6.jineng /barn

7.paon /kitcen
8.laing-aling /portal
9.angkul-angkul /gate
So come on came to BALI and felt the atmosphere to be natural of the balinese island that was beautiful and natural. . . . . .

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